The world of Mega Yachts.

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The ‘Azaam’ a famous name of the Yacht is the world’s one of the most expensive that costs 500 million Euros and the total length of the boat is one hundred and eighty meters. This Yacht is probably the longest one in the world which is owned by the Emir of Abu Dhabi. If you want to experience something affluent then book private luxury yachts or cheap yacht rentals for a fishing excursion or to throw a yacht birthday party in Dubai then contact Elite Pearl Charter.

The Yacht culture is spread all over the world and is the sign of prestige among the affluent of the world from Dubai to Miami and from Miami to Monaco.

What makes Yachts so special?

The Yachts are designed for the open water tour and are strong enough to cope with the harsh sea conditions, so these big yachts generally have the crew to serve the purpose and the on board guests. The Yachts are meant to serve the fishing tour or an excursion for the affluent and their guests.

These well off global community who is fond of yachts do not embark their open waters journey every day but sometimes when they have to conduct business meetings or to throw party on the open waters. These yachts are made with the aesthetic significance so there is also the matter of interior designs, so the aestheticism is very important for the well off community because their yacht is the matter of their dignity.
How Yachts are made?

In Europe in the Marina Monte Carlo most of yachts are of millions of Euros because it is the dock yard for lots of Yachts. Since the yachts are important they are designed with great attention, and to build a yacht there is the requirement of highly skilled engineers and designers.

A yacht designing company’s head revealed some of the secrets that how he and his team design the Yachts. He shares that the work is initiated to build a yacht started off with the simple pencil sketch as a blue print, and then this blue print is converted into the three dimensional design. Generally it takes three to five years to complete a project of building a yacht.

Some of the Famous Yachts

The first Mega Yacht of one hundred and twenty six meters long was ‘The Octopus’ that was once owned by the Microsoft co founder named Paul Allen. This ship has three mini sub marines along with the two launching pads. The Yacht famous as ‘Dilbar’ was delivered in 2016 to the Russian business giant Alisher Usmanov and this yacht is considered to be world’s largest volume Yacht. Live rich moments and book private luxury yachts Dubai!
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