Yacht Charter Dubai

At Elite Pearl Charter, we seek to provide our customers with one of the finest yacht charter experiences in Dubai. With an expansive fleet comprising of more than 20+ luxury yachts and a highly experienced onboard crew and captain, our vessels are the perfect choice for both private and corporate events. We operate out of Dubai Marina, offering the ideal platform to impress potential clients, friends, or that special someone in a unique and memorable setting. Our handpicked selection of luxury megayachts is available for both hourly and daily rental. Whether it be a birthday party, dinner party, family cruise, or a solo voyage, you can find boats suited to all budgets and occasions on our website. If you would like to know more about our rates, or receive a customized quote, feel free to get in touch with us today!

 Lenght: 272 Feet  Crew: 28  Guests: 30  Cabins: 5
 Lenght: 236 Feet  Crew: 31  Guests: 30  Cabins: 15
 Lenght: 197 Feet  Crew: 15  Guests: 12  Cabins: 6
 Lenght: 164 Feet  Crew: 4  Guests: 50  Cabins: 4
 Lenght: 124 Feet  Crew: 7  Guests: 30  Cabins: 5
 Lenght: 121 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 40  Cabins: 4
 Lenght: 118 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 50  Cabins: 5
 Lenght: 101 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 50  Cabins: 5
 Lenght: 101 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 50  Cabins: 5
 Lenght: 88 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 40  Cabins: 4
 Lenght: 85 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 30  Cabins: 3
 Lenght: 77 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 30  Cabins: 4
 Lenght: 75 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 32  Cabins: 2
 Lenght: 63 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 25  Cabins: 4
 Lenght: 50 Feet  Crew: 1  Guests: 17  Cabins: 2
 Lenght: 48 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 21  Cabins: 3
 Lenght: 48 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 15  Cabins: 2
 Lenght: 44 Feet  Crew: 2  Guests: 10  Cabins: 2
 Lenght: 36 Feet  Crew: 1  Guests: 10  Cabins: 2

Our Yacht Rental Service Inclusions


Luxury Yacht Charter Additional Services

Rent Yacht - Fishing


Deep-sea fishing trips onboard our luxury yachts are ideal for anglers of all ages and expertise. We take pride in operating modern, clean, professional, and fun fishing trips with our guests having unlimited access to high-quality fishing equipment and gears. Apart from fishing itself, our tours are almost always blessed with some incredible marine wildlife sightings.



The bright and calm waters of the Arabian coast make for the perfect location for water sports. At Elite Pearl Charters, we offer our customers an exciting opportunity to make the most of their day out in the sea with our impressive range of water sports activities. From banana rides and donut rides to jet skiing and flyboarding, overseen by an experienced team of instructors, you are bound to have fun with us..

Rent Yacht - Water Sport
Rent Yacht - Luxury Cars


Immerse yourself in luxury even before stepping onboard our yachts with our luxury car rental service. With a team of professional chauffeurs, we can pick you up from your location and drop you off at the marina where our yachts are moored. Our selection of luxury cars is expansive, and customers are free to choose any vehicle from our available listing.



Apart from a luxury yacht rental service, we also offer private helicopter tours through which our clients can witness iconic landmarks such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Window Towers, and more as they’ve never seen before. Customers are free to choose between private and shared helicopter tours. For more details about the pricing or to receive a quote, feel free to contact our team.

Rent Yacht - Helicopter


Rent Yacht - Map