How to Rent a Luxury Yacht by a click of a button?!

Visit Elite Pearl Charter website

Once you visit our website you will see many sections varying between water sports, yachts, private helicopters and many other sections include services provided onboard.

and many other sections include services provided onboard.

Browse yachts and offers

Our website shows you yachts & boats in different sizes and capacities, for occasions of all kinds.

It informs you about all details & keeps you up to date with the latest offers, since it sends you yacht options and packages and all attached details.

Elite Pearl charter gives clients the chance to see the real shape of yachts by sending actual photos for interior and exterior parts of the yachts on their whats app.


Elite Pearl Charter offers tentative booking service, with deposit up to 50%.

When paying just a half of the total amount, booking process is considered confirmed and our website automatically sends location & captain contact information.


You can contact the captain on the trip day to get answers for all your queries concerning the trip or even to tell them that you are on your way to yacht.

Captains have a key role to make the journey an exceptional experience,they are in charge of doing many missions like meeting the clients & assisting them to get onboard, collecting the pending 50% before setting out on the voyage and  indeed  cruising & coming back safely to the platform.

They even make sure whether you have hired a transport service or not. If not, they could help to pick up a taxi.

They do their best to make your trip comfortable, luxurious and full of unforgettable moments.


Elite Pearl Charter gives a great concern to the parties, celebration & special events.

We cater and tailor programs for every occasion. We can make your occasion an experience of a lifetime.

Elite Pearl Charter gives you the chance to live adventure coupled with luxuriousness & safety.

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Land line: +971 4 3889666

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