outstanding chauffeured service !

Yacht Charter UAE has been offering outstanding chauffeured services in Dubai to its clients for more than a decade now. We have shown that we are the ultimate solution for those who is in search of safe n’ sound limousine services in Dubai within their best budget. Limousine is nothing like an average ride, but something that stands for comfort and luxury at the same time. We ensure that our clients get what they came looking for with us and that is a luxurious ride in style.

Our chauffeured services in Dubai include connecting airports, business trips and personal leisure in some of the most sought after limousine rides that one can imagine. The thing that separates us from rest of the cheap car rental service providers in the market is personal touch and the accomplishments that we have garnered all these fruitful years. 



Benetti 164
Majesty 135
Majesty 121
Majesty 118
Majesty 105
Majesty 101
White Lady
Red Lady
Majesty 88
Majesty 77
Majesty 75
Duretti 75
Majesty 63
Azimut 50
Majesty 48
Gulf Craft 48
Majesty 44
Oryx 36