Gear Up to Experience the True Luxury

Are you planning to celebrate some quality time with friends and family members in some unique way? If yes, Elite Pearl Charter is ready to assist you. Just book yacht in Dubai and take your loved ones on a happy journey. Explore the magnificence of Dubai in a beautiful and unforgettable manner. We are known for delivering outstanding and the most welcoming experience to our guests.

Elite Pearl Charter is committed to serve all guests in an excellent manner. Our yachts are embedded with all luxurious facilities. For many, it is once- in- a lifetime experience to cruise on a yacht and watch some of the most breathtaking and picturesque destinations. Dubai is truly very spectacular. You can enjoy a sightseeing trip to the majestic Palm Island, iconic hotel Burj Al Arab. There is so much to explore in Dubai. Simply book yacht in Dubai service offered by Elite Pearl Charter and enjoy every moment of your excursion.

 Reasons to choose Elite Pearl Charter:

❖    Experienced crew and captain to control yacht

❖   The most prestigious yacht service of United Arab Emirates

❖     Sufficient options for the clients to choose from

❖     Complimentary light beverages and drinking water

Each of our vessels is assigned a competent crew to handle the requirements of the guest. The fleet of Elite Pearl Charter is very vast, and we can easily cater both large or small groups. The rental charge of yachts vary and depends on the size and facilities available on the vessel. If you are looking for the best deals, just book private luxury yachts Dubai service.

Planning to throw a boat party?

We make excellent arrangements of fun, music, food, entertainment and beverages as per request and instructions of guests. Elite Pearl Charter knows the art of resting the perfect mood and the correct ambiance for any party. We make the event elegant. Book private luxury yachts Dubai service and enjoy the nautical adventure. On the request of the guests, we also make onboard arrangements of food and drinks.